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Sizing Guide

  • Refer to Image below
  • Lid Channel Width (up/down direction)
  • Lid Channel Height (Hz expansion direction)
  • Select from available seal profiles:
  • Profiles ISC1/ISC2 : Width 1.125″, Height 5/8″ (31x17mm)
  • Profile ISC3 Channel: Width 2.0″, Height 1.0″ (25x50mm)
  • Measure your tank lid – use lid inner diameter – the surface where the seal mounts
  • Go to Shop and choose your seal

Lid Measurement Guide

Available Profiles

Drawing of seal proflie ISC1
Seal ISC1
Drawing of seal proflie ISC2
Seal ISC2
Profile ISC3 for lid channel 2" x 1"
Profile ISC3